Friday, December 9, 2011

From Beasts To Barcodes: All Part Of The Plan

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According to this CNN segment, NASA is currently developing a new and powerful telescope. A telescope so powerful, with the capacities to better understand the complexities of time & space, certain science experts would not be able to place a price of the valuable data it is likely to output.
Hmmm, actually, it will come at a price.
Over 2 Billion Dollars thus far, costs incurred due to intense trial and error according to the Program Director.
Of which, the final schematic is scheduled to launch in the year 2018, nearing a grand total of over 8 Billion Dollars (gues-timate) (hypothesis) (mmmm-aybe tag on another Billion just to be safe…)
Just wanted to check if the members of Congress are actually looking outside their “lux” condos & offices buildings.  This characteristic of social disconnection between an autocratic government and the citizen demand could not be more obvious.  

Despite the fact of NASA’s known reliance on (A) internationally funded technology and (B) resources used to expedite the public need of space transportation, more tax dollars are being funneled into this governmentally approved, comedic routine of a budget.
Yeah, our nation is in, what has been prominently showcased through the media, to be in an economic crisis.   

Politicians maintaining callous charisma appear to be bonded to this: the Manufacturing of Americana, an ideal with great poise and allegiance.   
Ultimately, these same Politicians have spent time and effort to keep said NASA related programs alive.
Alive for the sake of earning additional exploration bragging rights within outer space, perhaps? 

In order to proudly declare this “interstellar property” in the name of the U.S.A. (neither China nor Russia, its all ours baby!). Perhaps, it’s all part of the plan indeed.
With government deficits that have well breached the Trillion dollar mark (1,000,000,000,000), our citizens have witnessed our government splurge on excessiveness in the attempt to create a “safe and greater tomorrow”.  What we also witnessed were mountains of lies, lives, and collateral dollar spent within a flash to “protect” our borders and abroad. 

Occupiers have maintained their solemn dedication to protest their collective disgust and disenchantment with governmental spending.  
They continue to display citizen outrage, akin to the peasant subjects of yesteryear storming the walls of the castle, all while protecting a king bloated with avarice and pride. They make their message loud and clear; they do not appreciate our current administration farming their families for the sake of egregious acts of war and imperialism. 
Major thanks to Michael Moore for showing exactly how our beloved government must feed upon the downtrodden in “Fahrenheit 9/11”.  With surgical precision, they pounce and maintain operations amongst the poorest/lowest class citizens, lusting to send the young and the virile in sardine tins to fight “For Democracy!!!”. 

In fact, Mr. Moore graciously extended the offer to our elected Representatives to send their offspring into the collective fight. They spat in his face laughed in his face and promptly made their departure. 
In Karl Marx’s era, he would have said the wealthy bourgeoisie (booz-rah-zee), the 1%, would never allow anyone of their class-level to engage in such simple, silly savagery. 

That would be the work of the lowly proletariat, the 99%, to dirty their hands and extract the land that is needed. 
American troops reported for duty, to flock knee-deep into the fields of shrapnel blast, into IEDs (Improvised Explosive Device), and WMDs (Weapons of Mass Destruction). 
Wait, ummm, nevermind, again, those cleaver boys are always up to something, aren’t they… It’s all part of the plan.

Afterall, once our troops come home from their repeated stays in warzones & gunfights, Atlanta mayor, Kasim Reid will be happy to employ our battle weary soldiers in our recent city beatification project.  In another effort to appease public demand, the government will be excising the “Better Buildings Challenge” to help improve our metro areas energy efficiency by 20%. 

This is a farce; an attempt of “keeping up appearances” by letting the public know that their U.S.A. will start taking care of the well being of our citizens and generate jobs. The “Better Buildings Challenge’s” premise is transparent and moot. Our country’s infrastructure has been on built with known unsustainable material and toxic composition.  The risk of using hazardous materials was a necessary evil in order to exact their profit margins, mindful of their costs of overhead. 

Such as asbestos (exposure related deaths were recorded as early as ancient Greece and in the early 1900’s and lead paint/pipes. The “Better Buildings Challenge” is scheduled to unveil a stack of new jobs for working citizens, which also is a P.R. effort in conjunction with Kasim Reid’s “Hire Atlanta” campaign. 

Under this philosophy “Your company is one of the 150,000 companies in Atlanta. If we each hire one additional person, we’ll put 150,000 Atlantans back to work. Have you done your part? Join this citywide initiative and get our neighbors back on their feet by getting them back to work.”

Good job, a win/win for both Reid and Atlantans.  The subjects can quiet down now since there’s a few extra jobs for them to piddle around amongst themselves, give them a shovel and cement mixer and they’ll be happy… In exchange, Reid will be able to say he was able to improve Atlanta’s employment rate by 15% and add that to his Mayoral resume… It’s all part of the plan.

What we are witnessing is the next evolution human extortion. We have transcended what we can perceive as racism; it has undergone a drastic metamorphic state of being. Decisions are now influenced by Elitism, in which power is concentrated in the hands of a limited number of people. 

In addition to Elite African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, Gays; all of whom will stop at nothing to ensure class supremacy at the cost of their own people. A corrosive collective that have lost all connection with humanitarian need and the advancement for the human community, above individual gluttony.

The expense is for someone else to bear; “better them then me” is the usual mantra. Using scholastic leverage and calculated risk to engineer “the better mousetrap” to ensnare the consumer with a predatory appetite, the business practices of certain financial intuitions constantly reek of fraud and scandal. 

Trained professionals are paid extremely well to stretch Federal Regulation that, within itself, implies consumer deception at its very core. A ritual or a need to dispel the burden of capitalistic intent will continue to unify those who are a slave of their own malicious productiveness. Of course it’s all part of the plan.

Curious, why was a report able to announce Atlanta having the widest income gap of all major U.S. cities? Am I surprised, not in the slightest. A chasm that wide is very much intentional to segregate and irrigate the poor away from the wealthy.
A former colleague (while referring to lazy poor people) told me that “The shit always rolls down hill.” A racial divide that remains glaringly obvious of Atlanta’s current standing as the South’s Big Apple; which is a Shining Symbol of Southern Segregation, standing proud and erect. Ah, and the same report stated that Utah, Alaska and New Hampshire have the smallest gaps. Yeah, go figure…

Also, curious as to why another report announced that there were zero 0 jobs createdfor the American people during August 2011. The people will eventually bite themselves in order to find any paying job lately. Even if it means working the construction line, building “better buildings”, building better monuments for their cause, for showy presentation among their kind.
This really shouldn’t be too much of a difficult transition for you, according to Mitt Romney’s policies: there’s nothing wrong with a little corporate competition, corporations are people too! So, Mr. Romney, whose portfolio carries great heft within the leagues of executive robbery, now creating a grand detour within the Presidential circle... 

He stands as the very ambassador of vampirialistic capitalism, maintaining his insatiability for creating financial ruin. During the early 1990’s, Romney’s previous firm, Bain Capital, utilized a ''roll-up strategy”. (

A firm who buys up similar companies in the same industry in order to expand revenues and cut costs.  They made huge fortunes and created a budget that ballooned throughout his mergers & acquisitions, while workers lost jobs, stockholders and creditors lost money. 

Slashing pay raises of workers, reducing benefits, such tactics may have inspired corporations such as Verizon among others. Definitely part of the plan.
The drive to brazenly acquire an over-saturation of wealth combined with robotic disregard happens to be two of Romney’s strong suits. Such unwavering dedication would bear great similarities of such simple automation that’s required for first or second level survival skills: eat, mate, stay productive. An insect or drone honeybee would be a close representation of this catalog of survival traits found within the wild (excluding any emotion, human empathy, or social camaraderie tasks). 

Take the drone honeybee, whose sole purpose in life is to mate with the Queen Bee, is subsequently killed after sexual intercourse due to total abdomen separation.
The honeybee, which shares its honeycomb home, on the flag of the state of Utah. 

A collective hive of their own accord, which also remains the Mormon birthplace and capital, are proud to display their cultural affection towards insect-like intellect. To replicate and provide for the nest, at any means necessary and as early as necessary. Provide for the nest, acquiring mounds of wealth at the expense of others (who are a selective bunch that tread lightly among those who are “cursed” and inhabit the Earth).

Although the recent level of recruitment methods have spiked dramatically within this calendar year. Very prominently displayed billboards showcasing that it’s okay to be part of the in-crowd with them, all are welcome.

Which is another farce in itself, its very religion is attention grabbing enough to sponsor its own method of advertisement and buzz. The oddly paired advertisement campaign that parallels Romney’s dash to the White House are both well engineered.


Engineered to create a sense of collectiveness, of course, during our nation saga of political/financial unrest. Making its commercial appeal, analogous to that of an Old Navy song & dance jingle to reel in more clients.

Each vapid and droid like “I am Mormon” ad has the charisma of the Borg from Star Trek: TNG:
 “I am Reploid 7 of 9.  I am Reploid 4 of 12. I am Reploid 2 of 6.” All the while, having Romney appointed as Locutus of Borg.


Thus, carrying an underlining theme to perpetuate the sense of urgent productive need, to condone and produce goods to advance capitalistic self-destruction.

Satisfying the demand (not limited to any religious group, since capitalism is its own religion by itself) to create shitty products, with the use of shitty customer service ***I’m sorry, can you say that again please?***, and employ shitty working conditions; all in the need to over-provide and over-populate.

All under the potential Presidential advisory board of Mitt Romney, to make sure the beasts to barcode transition is quite complete and unopposed.

The gears are turning indeed; tagged and barcoded to this very day, insuring the great investors of their all-consuming, all-American livestock is well accounted for.

It is most definitely going well within GameMaster plan. “To confirm your barcode number, please enter your social security number at the sound of the beep…” *BEEP*

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Evil, For All Time. Now on Soundcloud & YouTube!

Podcasts of E-FAT author Ken Neal will be recording renditions
and ad libs of blog entries via

Podcasts will be subsequently converted into Youtube vids as well,
stay tuned for updates.

Thanks again, stay safe kids,


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Coldplay’s Paradise: Lost In Paradox

While meandering through MLYO XYLOTO, I have great difficulty trying to restrain varying levels triumph and curiosity. Paradise, in particular, is a haunting tale of woe, wonder, and disillusion. The message of a young woman, frantic with boundless optimism, in a constant and desperate search for inner paradise.

This is a tragic tale that unfortunately imitates life, as a close friend of mine had to experience her boyfriend’s suicide.  The kinetics of suicide can stop time and space; able to create a tempest of sadness, confusion, anger, and guilt.  Suicide hurts everyone.

I was inspired to draft “Lost In Paradox” after listening to Paradise 10x as a re-imagining to the existing Paradise music video.  Being a member of Generation Y, I remember the “Age of the Music Video” and we are currently so far off from that once sacred ideology.

“Lost In Paradox”; expect immersive blue nebula, parallel universes, self-sacrifices, and tragic dreamscapes.
All shot in vivid color and hard foreground focus, it will stir controversy and raise observation. Scene specifics are listed below and in song structure sequence:

Intro: side scrolling pan of a cobblestoned village with a Mediterranean setting. The streets are filled with life and decoration; local flowers are streamed along lamp-posts and fences. Children run towards the end of the street corner as the camera begins a gradual ascension. (violins) More and more of the decorated village become visible as the vantage perspective begins to climb above treetops. 

Pre-verse/verse: sun haze can be seen as we overlook the village’s main attraction, the parade announcing the Prince-King’s first day as King. With a hybrid of Moroccan/Western Indian theme, the village subjects are able to make their first glance of their majestic young ruler.   

The Prince-King stands firm atop a grand elephant of white with drapes of gold and glisten.  He waves his royal wave, while his Princess-Bride “Leila” sits atop her white elephant by his side. She can be seen, proud, content, and hopeful of a promising future with mate.

Mid-verse/2nd verse: approaching a two-way bridge over a jagged ravine, the dark skinned Prince-King has been instructed to sit on the saddled neck. In odd defiance, the Prince-King stands at attention. He leaps off the white elephant heading for a collision course for the depths of the sea. Before he makes contact, the Princess-Bride shields her eyes, fingers begin to cover the lens of the camera and goes into blackness.

2nd verse/chorus: fingers recede from the lens and unveil a suburban home with idyllic white picket fencing during a holiday meal. A young mother “Leila” of 2 and a clearly visible 3rd on the way serves the main dish to her family.  The proud husband hears a disturbance in the foyer and takes the carving knife to investigate. To his surprise, an armed burglar kicks down the front door and the two are locked into combat. The knife met the intruder’s heart after the pistol’s discharge forcing exit wounds through the lungs and head. The wife and two kids cautiously enter the hall to see both men laying in red muck. She screams with conflict, covering her eyes as fingers begin to cover the lens.

Chorus: fingers recede as young business “Leila” parks her car in front of an apartment building with Happy Birthday balloons. She calls her boyfriend who is quivering, shirtless and alone with a blue luminance being casted from the TV. While on the phone, he puts a pistol into mouth while continuing the conversation. She bursts through the lobby level to see 2 elevators, one is closed with maintenance tape and the other has an impatient crowd gathering in the doorway. Desperate, she dashes up the stairs with her business pumps stomping the surface as she hears the gunshot from the phone. She barges through the door to find her boyfriend slumped over his desk and covers her eyes.

A flashback of both Princess Leila and pregnant Leila reoccurs as suit Leila covers her eyes with fingers begin to cover the lens.
Bridge- a surge of bright light bursts onscreen showing Leila in flight within a dense nebula with moving camera. 

She flies with weightless abandon, with the ever present sun glaring in the background. Multiple Leilas can be seen in close proximity, all appearing to be moving in a similar course, all in dramatic panic flying closer into the light.

Middle 8- Leila can be seen outside her diner as she exits the front entrance leaving her evening shift.  She looks slight beyond the nearby stop sign to see her boyfriend’s car begin to arrive. Standing reassured that her long hours will be recognized by her lover, she stands with patience. As he begins to accelerate, (la-la-la-la) a 16-wheeler careens through the driver’s side of the vehicle, leaving shrapnel and smolder in its wake. Her fury becomes visible as covers her eyes as fingers begin to cover the lens.

Mid Middle 8- Mid Bridge- Leila sits on the aisle seat of a packed airliner as she feels a violent bump into her arm from turbulence. Waking her from her slight-slumber, she looks up to see a handsome gentleman with dark skin looking down at her with mutual fascination. The plane begins to rock even violently as an electrical pipe bursts causing a chemical explosion in mid-flight (or as an alternative, two planes will collide in mid-air containing Leila and "friend").
(Para-para-paradise) A sudden flare shatters the passenger plane in two, debris and cargo begin to swirl in a chaotic whirlwind as the passengers make their descent.  Leila gains consciousness, visibly harmed with scrapes and bruises, but remains strapped to her chair and losing altitude. She can see the handsome stranger yards away, in free-fall as (guitar rift- oh oh oh oh) the other half of the plane detonates in his vicinity displaying tremendous force and spectacle.  To protect her from the blast and shards of metal, Leila covers her eyes as fingers begin to cover the lens.

Mid Bridge/Instrumental- a surge of bright light bursts showing Leila in flight, in sub-space within a dense nebula. Traveling from one light-source to another  with moving camera. She flies with weightless abandon, with the present sun glaring in the background. Multiple Leilas can be seen in close proximity, all appearing to be moving in a similar course, all in dramatic panic flying closer into the light.

Instrumental- Leila awakens from bed, covered in night-sweat & tears.  She uncovers to reveal a jacket or shirt being clutched with human desperation. The night is not enough for Leila to wane into slumber, the death of a lover keeps her awake and wanting.  She cries again, usually resorting to exhaustion through sorrow.
Outro- a side scrolling pan from Leila’s bed to her bedroom mantle will reveal a framed news clipping showing her boyfriend’s photo and final memorial service information.

Monday, November 14, 2011

The Human Algorithm

"The Human Algorithm"- an excerpt from "Prophets Book 1: The Hammer-Strike"

After gathering decades of statistical information, the government funded Holy Destiny Institute was able to construct a compilation of current human evolution.  A chart that soon became public knowledge under the codeword “The Human Algorithm”. This level of classification analyzes the involvement of genomic advances that is a sub-section beyond the homo sapien benchmark.

Throughout human history, distinctive and adaptive attributes have been engrained within our evolving DNA.  Attributes that often yield enhanced mental or physical advantages, thus reinforcing the resiliency of our species. Offering a select few inter-species characteristics or mentally manipulate Earth’s atmospheric conditions.

Heredity, geographic and notoriously artificial conditions are definitive variables allowing our species to manifest this wide array of special attributes. 

Mono Human, Mezzo Mono, Digonic Human, Mezzo Digonic, Trigonic Human, Mezzo Trigonic, Polymorphic Human.

-Humans with "Mezzo" classification have faint traces of an additional attribute.  Usually detected as dormant/non-dominant traits.


-Normal/Baseline Traits.

-Longest life span.

-Best immunity system.


-Able to demonstrate a distinctive mental or physical attribute based from heredity.


-Rare combination of above normal mental and physical attributes.

-Polymorphic Humans are able to demonstrate a variable number of mental & physical attributes.

-Shortest life span.
-Weakest immunity system.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Herman Cain: The Organ Grinder Monkey

Oh, look at how a once mighty group has fallen into tyranny.

Look at him.
Can somebody go and get him a fez and a tight-fitting vest please?

Put him outside with a jar and he'll dance for your amusement while you empty your pockets for lost change.

The clapping, old, pale (still alive with the use of metal and screws) spectator in the background expresses his enthusiasm by rising to his feet.
Burning off the remaining calories he is liable to exhaust, in the midst of conspiring to commit generational corporate plunder.

They are standing at the mantle of the G.O.P.'s Americans for Prosperity.

The G.O.P., which boastfully stands for the Grand Old Party. A resourceful collective that appear to have lofty intentions to maintain an idyllic "American" frontier. Back when the mantra of "In God We Trust" was upheld with pride and traditionalism.

When (statistically) the white male had his weight in gold without worrying about any lip from outsiders... and women...

Americans For Prosperity, why don't they just stop talking in code and trying to be clever. They only want a certain sector of "Americans" to retain any notion of wealth and prosperity.  The concept of prosperity never included those of the lesser-class, no, no, they were meant to turn the cogs and dust the drapes.

The grandest gesture of supremacy has been achieved once they have successfully trained one of their kind to arrange their intention. No need to sully the hands of the “investor class”; for heaven’s sake, allow the domesticated mongrel to execute upon command. After all, they invested a large sum to train and “brainwash” him.

Means of the superstructure remain to stand both intact and holding strong throughout all of these years. Religious, governmental, and acceptable pseudo-sexual practices are infused within our current society, reinforcing the need by the ultra wealthy (those top 2% income land owners) to maintain their idea of social-balance.

Thereby continuing the fallacy of achieving the “American” Dream to the masses; who would birth and pass under marginal working “middle” class conditions. “Middle” equals “working” equals “lesser” class, which are all very much expendable and oppressed under the gaze of a prevailing ruling class.

No need to sit and watch the finest breed of horse to perform a timed sequence at an equestrian competition.

For the greatest reward, the greatest rush of adrenaline is attained once you see the animal, the beast that you have tamed and released back into the wild (see the “Judas Breed” in the movie “Mimic”).

(...honestly, I just Google Mapped "equestrian" in Atlanta and there were WAY too many locations I expected to see in our society's economic downturn. I thought "all" of us were having to trim our expenses and reduce our spending budgets. Hmmmm, guess equestrian facilities gotta earn an income as well, they too must have been impacted by our "recession" no less...)

This blog entry is also dedicated to a fallen friend, Ernest H., who viscerally took his own life last week.  Who knows the spiking levels of separation and oppression that ricocheted within his mental capacities, his thought processes? An educator, a spirited, gifted young man put an end towards his vast potential for possibilities.

By taking one’s life, one must have convinced themselves of zero pathways for opportunity, zero outlets for expressing inner turmoil. Those who are obviously not able to earn a decent living, take care of medical costs, or dealing with a natural disadvantage towards opportunity… well, let them die!


Ultimately can be attributable benefactors of the superstructure’s true intention: a network of separatist ideals that stand to preserve class superiority by any demonstrative means necessary.

(An detailed explanation form this perspective can be found in a previous entry:

Starve The Beast: The American Way & Superstructure of Class Destruction

Class superiority, which is the mythology that members of the G.O.P. and like Conservatives have generationally lusted for throughout humankind.  It’s actually the greatest and the most elaborate joke I have witnessed and just waiting to see when someone is going to peek their head from behind the curtain with a devilish grin…

After all, by funneling more Presidential potential to Herman Cain (whoa… just had a WAVE of nausea back there…ok, I’ll be fine…) would allow the corporate/government cohabitation to fester and replicate into uncharted terror-tories (territories).
Our liberties and “American” way of life will be stripped away one by one at dizzying speeds, much akin to the benefits, bonuses, and activities that are being stripped away at your long-standing places of employment.

Herman Cain and his cohorts are making their wet-dreams come into reality, by under-cutting the employees and workers in order to horde and disseminate later. This Uncle Tom “Bait & Switch” maneuver has and will be another example of separate but equal intricacies.
Quite possibility originating by allowing a “Centrist” politician with African roots to gain the coveted mantle of President. A means to gently massage the mechanics of social-polarization within the membrane of social consciousness.
Much like a virus, spreading its RNA genetic code onto its host, Americans For Prosperity will allow Herman Cain to spew its hateful and divisive business practices.

Dance Herman Cain; keep dancing until they run out of quarters to fill your tin cup. The novelty will ware off soon enough; you’ll have to learn a new routine to entertain the bored and the privileged.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Racism: Why Is It So Funny?

Listed below is an excerpt from Evil For All Time: Methods of Modern Mind Lock.
I invite you to a challenging conversation detailing critical points within modern Capitalism & Christianity:

Countless TV and movie concepts have been based on the following scenario: a group of Women (skin tone preferably of the fairest complexion) are in a room talking amongst themselves minding their business until the front door opens.   Entering the room is a Man, above average in height, dark brown skin, bald and smooth, broad shouldered, pronounced in nose, lips and cheek bones (*HOT-DAMN*).   A mixture of emotions would instantly begin to swell within those ladies based on a series of instinctive phenomena.   

A rare duality of both anxiety and ravenous intrigue exists for most individuals when presented with this situation.   Some Women don’t know whether to grasp their purse for dear life or grasp the guy’s trousers to pull them on the floor.   The darker the color usually ignites an instinctive reaction of momentary distress, off-putting for some. While watching the news, the description of a tall man, no doubt of African origins, is prone to envelop thoughts of hostility and aggression, “Africanized Bees” anyone? 

There is a widely accepted notion amongst all walks of life of finding that selective gentleman that is a gratifying combination of tall, dark and handsome.   Of course, there are levels of subjectivity that have been broadly accepted as well when considering a candidate for a potential mate.   Tall, but not like an ogre.    Dark, but you would like to spot him out during the night.   
Being “handsome” would factor in too many variables in which a finicky judge of character could overload even the most elaborate computer system.   One would consider the undeniable fascination, however subtle it may be, from those of African descent.   Matched with wayward fear and self-imposed intimidation that seems to keep this range of emotion purported from those of a different lineage.  

With the chronicles of artifact and documentation, the origin of human’s most recent classification has been plotted within the African continent.   Man, with all of his variations of from and shape, appear to derive from what has been labeled as “The Mother Land”, thus creating a ripple effect of our metaphysical series of changes throughout time.   Truer to our simian brothers on the genetic family tree, Africans maintain a higher esteem among outward appearance, personal territory and affinity with the Earth.  

European descent reflects the fairest of skintone, tracing their ancestry furthest away from the Equator, and a significant/generational disconnection with Gaia.   Prone to sunburn, displaying lack of tribal rhythm, however, translates into other forms of resourcefulness.    This involves Man’s gradual need for adaptation, creating analytical tactics to acquire advantages for  themselves and outside cultures.   Frequently connected to a fascination with retaining statistical and clerical data, lust for adventure and exploration with a propensity towards conquering and social entitlement.   This inherently constant desire towards some form of prosperity could result in a collective backlash of extremism.

Remnants of these occurrences reported as follows within my previous entry, "Candles and Billy-Clubs: The Execution of Troy Davis"


These can be rooted back towards the famous feudalism time periods during Medieval times.   Where wealth was generated based on land ownership and maintaining absolute dominion over their land and resources.   Man would plot and scheme, sometimes pitting brother against brother, always in a struggle to gain a higher rank within the “feudal pyramid”.   Outlets for these self-imposed desires can be found in a variety of activities, i.e.   “extreme sports”, heavy metal music, and camaraderie within tactical economic loopholes.

These hereditary traits are heavily ingrained in our culture’s DNA that is shared among other nationalities, but is starkly unique to our own heritage.   Human migration led to developmental changes that were organically needed for survival and environmental adaptation.   This also led to the cultural diversity that is the fabric of human advancement, ultimately originating from African Genealogy.  

These may be represented by some to use lewd prejudgments against one another that have shown to quake the stability of possible friendship between cultures.   We, as humankind, all exist with no-one race being biologically superior or advanced over another.   Race superiority was criticized by geneticist A. W. F. Edwards in the paper "Human Genetic Diversity: Lewontin's Fallacy" (2003).   According to Edwards, claims that "race is biologically meaningless", many objections toward this claim are usually politically motivated, and that it is possible to construct racial division based on genetic differences.   

Human’s evolutionary chain has not wavered enough within the past 2,000 years to recognize any advantages between races.   The adaptive human nature generated the necessary changes needed for survival purposes within each of our varying regions throughout this planet.   Multiple factors and environmentally elements must be presented to better understand our common ancestry and fuse our cultural bonds for the betterment of humankind. 

The time period where scores of African, along with other indigenous based cultures, were exploited (that’s the mildest word that could have ever been used) still has a reverberating affect on the world and for most.   I mean, seriously, did they really have to blast off the nose of the Sphinx because of its shape?  Was it difficult to grasp the concept of complex architecture was executed with uncanny detail without European influence?  Technically, Africans were the first to walk the Earth, why is it that we remain the enfeebled ones today?

This typecasting has been a general outlook on how to perceive other individuals outside of their race.  Over time, acquiring a certain level of class is both acceptable and obtained by mere race alone.  Afterall; an American movie about a Brazilian landscaper magically swapping bodies with the Caucasian property owner has got to be a comedy. Why, it’s just so out of place!

Throughout the ages, race relations have been represented very much of the conceptual double-edged sword.   Class warfare has remained to be mankind’s bloodiest battle; paranoid and pale noblemen declaring ownership claiming land, with total human disregard.  Constructing a value system that accrues collateral based on land ownership, then trading said volume of collateral for accruing education, healthcare, and bank loans (Ha, ha! Look who can borrow money against the property my father gave to me… And you can’t! Ha, ha! Now what’s your problem? Git back to work! Git off my prop’erty!)

The task of ensuring the Africans’ allegiance and servitude by religious influences and economic restrictions has been the fuel to power a very Fascist, very esoteric entitled ideal.  What a task, the great Paradox of Life… Placing the African Man at the top of the sexual pyramid, that is, after he tends to the fields and sully their hands constructing monuments and mansions.   

Despite Africa’s plague of heavy colonization centuries ago, modern members of African descent still pair their allegiance to modern religious theories that was forced onto them through whips and scorn.  The African culture, in its humble beginnings, subscribed to holistic theory and ritual based degrees of faith.   The only sense of “Divine Power” found within their universe of beliefs would be deities found here on Earth and between the powers of Man, him/herself, neither Christ nor Muhammad.


American Slavery employed multiple horrendous campaigns that stripped Africans of their independence, dignity, and their long standing sources of inspiration.   These were all replaced by the need to enforce the Christian doctrine onto, during that time, an enfeebled culture surviving by eating the scruff and waste from the “masters” dining table.    

Africans were sold and housed like cattle, enforcing a bottom-feeder mentality for those being subjected to such deplorable living conditions. 

This level of acceptance was originally mandated by their “masters’” hand and was a wicked brainwashing tactic that still has its mystical grip on so many intellectuals to this very day.   What’s worse is that the bottom-feeder style of oppression that saturated the mentality of our many ancestors has regrettably remained intact within a large sector of our society to this very day as well.   

Many so reliant on holy promises of what has been have been handed down as an absolute truth, without question, from parent to child.   A system of beliefs that reinforce a legacy of false hope; this was not a part of our original blueprint and does not reinforce the progress of Man.   Indeed, this collective may prove counter-productive as countless souls have been slaughtered in distributing Christian values and “morals” with one of many Holy Wars that have stained our history books with our own human blood.  

Something that has been a gruesome and troubling fact for some but for some, it is an accepted segment of our human history.   Troubling enough that judging by our current surroundings, we as a progressively advanced society, will soon come forth and doomed to repeat elements from our past in the very near future.  

Placing a level of distinction that separates members from a lower class has been factored in for centuries to keep the rules of entitlement intact.    

The slim and rare opportunity of someone among the lower class to ascend a level of status is usually fairy tale based, wishing upon a star that some magical godmother can make your wish come true.   

Its set in place to perpetually keep the lower class in a diligent state of mind, with the hopes to one day be recognized and pulled from the litter in order to “move up in the world”.

But the people within the upper ranks are well aware of this inside-joke and know this is but a lottery of a chance.   It is the backs of the lower class that upper class must use and manipulate to stand upon in order to maintain the privileged lifestyle.  Educating and empowering individuals, of a homogeneous group, the skill of conducting various means of business to stretch concepts of fraud and ethics.  Condoning such practices that are intentionally devised to stretch the limits of federal regulation and remain legally “compliant”.  

The overall and prevailing theme for bankers and other corporately entrenched thugs is to “preserve the institution”, through both financial & reputable actions. An even better analogy was presented by an established banker who stated that “Capitalism is all about building the better mousetrap”.  Purposefully ensnaring as many victims with predatory lending, locking potential clients into a roller-coaster of costly terms and conditions.

After all, someone has to collect the city garbage, chauffeur Timothy to Lacrosse class, and enlist in the army to preserve the nation’s riches and resources.   The great divide remains strong and true, the seductive art of eugenics throughout modern progression have made it evidently clear that an imposed superiority between the many races that make up human composition.  

It could be considered their greatest achievement, their greatest prize; the domestication of other “breeds” to ensure they will do all of the heavy lifting.  Well, maybe their second greatest prize…  Look up The Indonesian Massacre of 1965.   Nixon describing Indonesia as "the greatest prize in the Southeast Asian area." This was soon followed by US imperialism in order to dominate and drain its natural wealth.     

“If we must fight for our human rights; remember, they are only broken bones.
Wounds will heal but deception is forever.”
-E.M. Kadarr

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Black Talk Radio Interview About T.D.A.T.A.

I was able to have a 25-minute discussion outlining the importance of citizen demand of taxpayer dollar that financed this event that has rocked modern society.

The world will never forget this publicly funded execution; a performance of disruptive breach that has unraveled the belief of democracy and justice. 

Millions of dollars have been excessively squandered in order to coordinate these treasonous actions, of which indicated the use of totalitarian aggression.

Follow the link below to stream the conversation via Black Talk Radio Network.

Thanks again and look forward to speaking with you again Scotty.

Best wishes,