Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Workslave Sponsorship- Part 2

In 1825, a group of business men itemized their list of human livestock in the pursuit to achieve American glory.

The ledger to the right, according to the United States National Archive, is an "Account of the Sale of fifteen African Slaves Sold on the 19th of April 1825" lists the fifteen slaves and their sale price.

An accurate depiction of wealth accumilation once deemed unconsitutional thanks in part by Abolitionist sentiment and collective enlightenment from (most) of this country's citizens.

In 2013, a group of business men itemized their list of human livestock in the pursuit to achieve  American glory.

Listed below is a recorded corporate conversation that is worth 30-minutes of social reflection. Courtesy of Black Talk Radio combined with insightful and cutting commentary that helps to demystify the corporate psychobabble.
Two podcasts originating from the Geo Group's profits assessment on display to materialize and justify Mass Incarceration, which for a select few appears to be the emerging rise of the holocaust set on slow motion.

Part 01:


Part 02:


Profit seeking investors listen to these leaders of industry that provides justification of attractive ROI as they partake in an American tradition passed from generations.
Previously disgraceful tactics to impose might and superiority were once used to break the human spirit and domesticate men via whip and chain, have evolved their wicked barbarism to maintain their investor-class lifestyle anonymously with the might of a mouse-click.

Wells Fargo, the undesputed largest bank in the world, has demonstrated considerable amount of financial support towards Profit Prison investement, over $80-million most sources have unveiled.

A cycle of profit accumulation that maintains elitist control over the masses, this being a prime example of the constant threat toward American civil liberties, that ironically, many presumed to be upheld through community & honor.

No honor amongst thieves, apparently.
These monsters who will never admit influencing this cycle of violence upon society are represented in
Part 1 of this obviously ongoing Workslave Sponsorship series.

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