Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Found on Disney Channel, GameMaster Approved

My 12-year old cousin doubles his pace to watch his favorite shows on the Disney Channel.
"Gravity Falls" is one of Disney's products displayed below:

It's always nice to know what the youth are engaged in.


Comparative to another Disney work product,
\\\  Miley Cyrus  ///

Miley Cyrus has declared on many occasions of this symbol-heavy, all inclusive "Party in the USA"! 

Both she and Will.I.Am have relentlessly mentioned it's time for us to join in and "Fall Down" 
given the implied binary code most are strategically unaware of its mental bombardment:

And that "This is OUR party, we can DO WHAT WE WANT"! "WE CAN'T STOP!"

Indeed, all of which is M.E.D.I.A. Gold and GameMaster approved.


So Disney...

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