Monday, June 18, 2012

Awareness Vs. Ammunition: An EFAT Debate

A reflective point of view based on personal experiences and a very crude American history. 
The debate(?) explores the "Awareness Vs. Ammunition" concept that is comedically reinforced offering additional insight. The need to promote and address collective consciousness is more dire than ever.
  I posted a casual, yet engaging discussion detailing opinionated views of our current administration.
Behold, the masses (their identities shall be concealed for their own protection)
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    • Tony C.-
      Here is the full length version of the video
And, yes....the Obama minions are planning Urban Riots when Obama loses in November. Time to prepare? Well, if you're in the middle of an Obama riot, and you're not prepared, it's too late for you.

Get the DVD @ The Obama Deception

    • Ken Project-Efat Unfortunately, there are way too many Obama/Biden propaganda tools to my liking. More action is needed.

    • Tony C. Big Brother has been around a long, long time. Honing their pys-ops skills against a weak minded liberal civilian populace. So it goes.

    • Ken Project-Efat There's a saying "strong backs, weak minds run in the family". I wonder what is the given ratio for the country.

    • Tony C. Looks like Rodney King won't be around for the November 2012 riots when Obama loses to Romney.
      Rodney King, Center of LA Riots, Dead at 47

    • Tony C.  The ratio? That's a scary question. Weak backs AND weak minds. The lack of backbone in the numbers of welfare liberals is staggering. That's the price of success we've had in America. Too many welfare liberals being enabled. It is very daunting how much weakness there is out there. The next question is what becomes of the weak? Well, natural selection and Social Darwinism indicate that the bottom feeders are the most vulnerable. Even Obama knows that. Obama feeds off the bottom feeders. Seven billion people in the world and counting. You better have both a strong back and a strong mind if you want to survive.

    • Ken Project-Efat Rodney King. Add his name to the growing number of celebrities(???) that have "died" for sake of race baiting. Next distraction please...

    • Ken Project-Efat “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” Darwin said that too. Liberal and conservative alike, the directors of Obama as a pop star will ruin everyone's lives and everything around them.

    • Tony C.  And race really doesn't have anything to do with it. Except in the media trying to sell newspapers. The strong cross all boundaries. Everyone of every country will be struggling harder to survive as the population grows to eight, nine billion. There's coming the day when the more important question is not one's race or religion, but whether you are strong or weak. It's simply a matter of sruvival. Famine is a nasty way to go. When there's one loaf of bread and two families, you bet your bottom dollar is will be my family that gets that loaf of bread. When two families are drowning, and there's only one life raft, sorry ot see the other family go down. But. My family is more important to me than someone else's family. All this poltiical corretness bull is a stalling tactic by the liberal mainstream media. Fewer and fewer people are falling for the ploy. That's the reality of all. In the end analysis, it's not race or religion. It's who is strongest. End of story. Enjoy.

Tony C. Big Brother government is trying to control all this. What a laugh. Bureacracy trying to control chaos theory. Those who are relying on Big Brother to save them, are in for a disappointing awakening.
Tony C.
Unless, of course, Big Brother manages to anaesthetize the whole of society. You know, turn every living, breathing human being into a walking robot. But, naw. The problem with huge numbers of Prisoners of War is that the starvation rate inside FEMA camps is going to be stupendous. It's better odds of survival to be a FEMA guard than a FEMA prisoner. But people don't want to face this reality of Big Brother and overpopulation. People are in denial. People want the immediate feel good. And that's largely what makes them weak in the back as well as weak in the mind. So it goes. Enjoy. Happy Father's Day.

    • Tony C. And will there be a 2012 riot should Obama win over Romney? Hmmm....Interesting thought. Very interesting, indeed. Well, it is 2012, ya know. Maybe those Mayans really did know something in the stars, after all? Very interesting, indeedy. Oh, well. Are you ready for any eventuality? Or are you sitting back in denial thinking that all will remain politically correct?

Dude, are you like, alpha-male pissed right now? Ur fogging up the windows….
"race doesn't have anything to do with it", the same sort of self-hypnosis I've heard before (
There are many branches of deception within modern society. Mass media has been the sharpest weapon thus far. Mostly able to tap into primal fears and desires. It is with great regret that race & religion remains to be triggers for involuntary reaction.

    • Tony C. Barack Hussein Kardashian and his family will take up residency in Beverly Hills, where any possible rioting has the least chance of reaching. 
    •  Tony C. And, yes, adaptability is key to survival of the fittest. Those who've been on welfare the longest are the least adaptable.

    • Ken Project-Efat Personally, I am not a fan of riots. In fact, the only mention of rioting has been on your behalf. So are you loading up your stockpile of ammunition or trying to send awareness to the public to cancel this form of Neanderthalic frenzy?

    • Tony C. Oh, it would be a more perfect world if there wasn't any wars or riots or crime or mayhem. But I'm not holding my breath waiting for that world to arrive. America has had it too good. Whereas Russia and China have a long history of invasions and stuff. North America has had it a lot easier than South American countries. How long does a run of luck hold out? Hmmmm.....interesting question.

Tony C. But look at it this way. All the experience our troops have gained in urban warfare over in the Mideast could come to good use here in America. If need be used. My guess is that an urban riot could be put down in an afternoon. Except no politician will stick their neck out to be the one to give the order.

Tony C. So, like most every other riot that has occured in this fine country of ours, the strategy is to contain and let the ghetto burn itself to the ground. Like I said, Barack Hussein Kardashian and his family and celebrity friends won't be singed by the fires of any rioting.
Tony C. Now, will you be singed where you are at? That's for you to decide.

You didn't answer the question if you favor ammunition vs. awareness. -Sniff sniff- A red herring.
America had it good during the Industrial Rev., establishing their imperialistic conquests aboard. Now that the spending habits of our government frat boys have ruined our credibility (yes, pun), we are crumbling as a nation. Self-destructing at an alarming rate, and the question remains if you would favor ammunition or awareness. From that point, perhaps we can progressively continue our conversation.
    • Tony C. I favor you making your own decisions and living with the results. Period. 
    • Tony C. I've made my decisions. I feel very confident with the decisions I've made. Period.

    • Ken Project-Efat I'm in favor of eating my sub sandwich. It will be much more stimulating. See ya.

    • Tony C. I'm in favor of this rain delay at NASCAR in Michigan ending so I can watch the race. 
    • Tony C. But it was fun killing time typing and all.

    • Ken Project-Efat mmmm, lettuce, mayo, turkey... Oh, no valid counter? Ok. mmmm tomato, olive, cheddar...

    • Tony C. Hey, don't you have a Subway in your area? And I don't mean the underground train type Subway. Or Dominoes? Or Pizza Hut? 
    • Tony C. I'm sure you've got Subway and Pizza Hut in Atlanta. At least you did last time I was there.
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End of transmission.

I was wondering how long he was going to spiral into madness.  
Typical, never admitting the truth and holding up a distractionary conversation is a sad attempt.

Again, this post reveals a clash of opinion, one that is unfortunately shared in the U.S.
A line in the sand more likely; as awareness and truth begins to overtake,
so does generational narrow-mindedness.
This has been presented to open the room for debate
and reflect the current American viewpoint.


See into their eyes.
Beat into their hearts.
For True Perception
Will set us apart.



Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Deception Is Over.

You are either aware of the joke, 
or part of it.
Demand disclosure from the Kingmakers and their Superstructure.

More details coming soon, regarding our Pop Star In Command:

Monday, May 28, 2012

Contaminated Soil May Prove Counterproductive, Study Reveals

Time to hurry and grab your customized HAZ-MAT suit that you ordered online last week.

Don't have one, that's OK; just be sure to buddy up with those Doomsday Preppers, of whom everyone keeps snickering and finger-pointing on reality television.

Our nation’s leading administrators will continue to steer the United States into a full-on collision course into bedlam, beyond a lost civilization.   

It will be a gravely distant alternative, quite a difference from those "Good 'Ole Days" so many sit around longingly anticipating.  As of  March 2012 nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen collected various soil samples throughout the Tokyo area and was able to deem them saturated with radioactive waste.

This in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster that occurred 15 months ago, having residency among a notorious disaster short-list of irreversible destruction and disfigurement. 


According to Gundersen, "the lab determined that all of them would be qualified as radioactive waste here in the United States and would have to be shipped to Texas to be disposed of."

Learn more:

Ah, so it sounds like the American public would be very displeased to know of the imminent potential for American children to play and frolic on their glowing backyards.  
That is, should something similar occur, here, in America. Which could be a positive turn for you depending on your overall outlook; this could increase your home’s curb appeal (if your in to that sorta thing) in conjunction with your God-given tolerance for nuclear waste.

Oppressive regimes will always find a way to blur the truth and criminal intent.
Japanese officials, shown in the link below, displayed much cowardice with acknowledging dire issues of the public.
Many of them with their heads hanging low with their self-interests glaringly obvious.

Hmmmm, deleted again.... Lets try this one more time:

Its actually quite comedic how the general consensus has allowed distraction and propaganda to fog the path that will ultimately trace back to the root of the problem: the secret lair of rogues and thieves, of concealers and deceivers.

The industrious United States have become leaders of exporting industry and innovation, however, it seems as if U.S. citizens reap the spoils of this chemical/commercial war. Spikes in Autism and other neurological disorders, cancer in its plentiful, nefarious variations throughout the human body, are calculated to be among the highest of other "super-power" countries.

Oh what a surprise, spikes in privatized cancer “treatment” facilities that welcomes your preexisting conditions, with proper insurance with sky-reaching deductibles, are coincidentally plentiful.

These same contributors must have logged some serious hours playing Fallout 3 on Xbox. A fictional fable of life post nuclear apocalypse in which you must survive of the land, fending off other hostile scavengers and find your meals among mutated (yet meaty) oversized cockroaches (called Radroach Meat in game).   

How devilish indeed, the makers of policy and legislation are inching their intention closer towards a distorted reality. A reality in which the susceptibility of life imitates this forecast of art most sinister.

Correlating posts from both the Atlanta Journal Constitution and have reported improper and faulty construction of a new Vogtle Nuclear plant near Augusta, GA. These details were pinpointed during a federal inspection in May, from the offices of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commision (NRC).  Construction will begin a series of re-dos in Mid-June according to Southern Company’s spokesman Jeff Wilson.


Thanks Southern Company’s spokesman Jeff Wilson, it’s good to know they have some sort of preventive game-plan, this in order to avoid converting 1/3 of Georgia into the equivalent of a radioactive deep-fryer.

It wasn’t very long ago the United States Government hand-delivered a loan totaling more than  8-Billion dollars towards this business venture. David Ratcliffe, CEO of Georgia Power parent, Southern Company, said that lower financing costs that will result will benefit the utility's customers.

The NRC is currently conducting national public meetings to address the many concerns outlining the new reactor projects. Anti-nuclear groups have opposed the project, saying it is costly and potentially dangerous.  These NRC tours/exhibits/resorts national public meetings continue until August 2012 and heading to a town near you.

We have also received word of the NRC’s Chairman Gregory Jaczko resignation this month as well.  He said neither a pending federal inspector general’s report on his time in office nor pressure from the nuclear industry prompted him to resign.

Jaczko said he voted March 30 against issuing the operational license for the nuclear plant. He wanted mandatory assurances that lessons learned from the Japan disaster would be applied to the South Carolina nuclear plants before he signed off on construction. He was the only NRC member to vote against the license.

A disaster that has unofficially being filed under the term “Plume-Gate”. This transpired due to the NRC and the White House purposely did not warn Americans about a massive radiation plume that struck the West Coast just days after the massive earthquake and tsunami hit Japan's eastern coast.

So I guess it’s time to suit up after all, there’s gonna be a new market for Bio-Hazard Gear in the near future. 

With that line of reasoning, perhaps Romney & Obama are correct, job creation in the United States will increasingly surge towards the demand.  Haz-Mat suits with the “Made In U.S.A.” embroidery will become quite coveted, governmentally approved leisure wear with only 92% leakage rates.


Again, it all depends on your overall outlook on life, many Americans won't be able to afford the top of the line suits needed for survival.  Once I turn into a radioactive mutant/zombie, maybe my dancing skills will start to improve by 30%. 

Finally, I can get that...

-half turn -step -pivot -arm out

-arm out- step -pivot

...sequence down like a legendary pro.

In the long run, there's no need to panic.  Just sit back, relax, grab the shortest short-shorts you can find, and have a Coke and a smile!

...Radioactive Coke Crazed Mutant/Zombies havin' a good ole time!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Squarepusher - 'Dark Steering'

Inspiration based from Squarepusher - 'Dark Steering'

Transportative trance, traversing this tectonic temporal terrain.
Like a champion, with an observant stance, a rival with powers far beyond comprehension.

Talking to me within this; the pathway of my mind, unraveling the center of my processes.
Giving commands, both verbal and not, demanding my actions and then my reactions.
Taking control, of this sudden submission, while wondering about in this temporal storm.

Taken over by light, by chaos and distraction, enjoying the ride beyond my better judgment.
Although, I do have but this one regret.

That, I have this one life to live, with absolute caution, I must find a way for transport back home.
Where I can be safe forever, rest my processes to repair from such a ravaging.
To stand aside until the chains of this sanity can become inevitably undone.